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From the choice of the name, Les Interieurs, one can immediately sense there is something unique about Pamela Makin and the specialized style she brings to her work. Pamela’s international style has been featured several times in the prestigious Andrew Martin’s International Interior Design Awards.

Makin’s quest to source one off pieces from around the world to accent the clean lines of her interiors defines her signature style. A style that is easily recognized yet in each instance Makin tailors her approach to suit the lifestyle of her clients, from beach houses to city apartments for young professionals and designed focused modern families.

Her sense of style and passion for beautiful objects and furnishings brings a light and joy to all her projects. She does not follow trends, instead sticks to her own unique look.

There is the clear and simple structure, the very subjective experience, the deep focus, the smooth transitions, the visual variety and the dynamic tension of black and white…all combining in a flawless composition that contributes to a story in her work.

When asked to encapsulate her design philosophy, Pamela defers to Orson Welles, the larger-than-life polymath who made an art form of provocation. “Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable to others.”

Les Interieurs projects have appeared in numerous highly regarded publications around the world including Elle Decor UK, Marie Claire Italy, Elle Decor Italy, Vogue Living, and Belle Magazine.

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